Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Get in the Bike Lane!

Tonight, I made a milk run on my bike . . . in the dark.

Plans for a commute today were foiled by more fun with bicycle tires. This time, the front tire was flat. Hopefully, the tube I put on tonight will be the last one I have to replace for awhile.

Anyway, I put on helmet, turned on flashers, and headed for the store for a half-gallon of soy milk.

While cruising through the neighborhood, a guy told me that my strobe could cause someone to have a seizure. I'll have to check that one out . . .

The two cops that were sitting side-by-side at a dead end didn't say anything about my flashing white.

At the store, I locked up, did my business, and got back on the bike.

I've already said that I don't like the bike lanes on Briar Forest. I like them even less in the dark. On the way to the store, I ran over something metal. After that, I was done with bike lanes for the night.

Returning home, things were going well. Suddenly, a car behind me turned on its brights. When I didn't move over, the driver laid on the horn.

Meanwhile, the inside lane remained free from cars or any other vehicles.

About the time it came time for me to turn, the car pulled into the inside lane, came up beside me, and a woman yelled from the passenger seat, "Get in the bike lane!"

My reply? "I'm allowed to ride in the street . . . read the code!"

I resisted the urge to add, "Sanctimonious bitch!" I guess my complaint - free program is helping after all.

And, the law says I have the right to ride on the roadway. So there!

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