Sunday, June 5, 2011

Has It Been a Year?

First, allow me the opportunity to apologize to my followers (all two of you) for not updating this blog in almost a year.  I visit it frequently since it bookmarks my favorite bicycle blogs (including yours), but I haven't felt much like writing, nor have I had much to write about.

So, what's been happening in the last year?

Weight Loss Adventures

I'm a big guy.  Too big.  Yeah, I can blame it on genes, being "big boned," or whatever, but I am obese (by any measure) for two reasons:
  • I eat too much.
  • I move too little.
In December, I had sleep study done for the first time in nine years, and I got my CPAP equipment updated.  Within a month, I felt significantly better.  Better, in fact, than I had in years.

In January, the Redheaded One and I went out to dinner and a movie with another couple.  The husband had lost significant weight.  My wife wanted to know how.

The friend had sought treatment from a bariatric physciian.  He looked great and said that he felt great, too.

The Redheaded One insisted that I go see this doctor.  I didn't want to go the pharmacologically assisted route, but I felt ready to do something since I had gotten my sleep better dialed in.

Since January 22, I have lost 45 pounds.  Most of that weight loss can be attributed to two things:
  • Eating my veggies.
  • Eating less in general
Notice that I didn't include, "riding my bicycle."  For the first two months, I hardly rode at all.  But, when the annual ski trip rolled around, I felt in better ski shape than I had in years . . . and with next to no exercise!

Moral: If you're overfat, what you put in your mouth (and how much) is far more important to your physical well-being than how much you work out.  That's not to say exercise isn't important; exercise can't undo the damage of crappy eating (especially as you get older).

The Spring from Hell
On the first run of the aforementioned ski trip, the Redheaded One tore her ACL due to a combination of an inept snowboarder doing a faceplant in the middle of the egress lane and an inattentive lift operator not stopping the lift until said snowboarder moved his sorry ass.  A week-long ski trip turned into two days of skiing for the Princess and me.  Then, we got back to Houston ASAP so the injury could be treated.

At the same time, a parent needed to be moved to a nursing home, softball season and standardized test season commenced for the Princess, and extracurricular activity picked up for my school schedule.  It was not a fun time.

There were two bright spots, though . . .

First, I found out that I am going to be a grandfather come September!  My older daughter and her husband are expecting.  Baby and mama are doing just fine (other than some pesky nausea on Mama's part); son-in-law has been a champ taking care of his bride. 

Second, I made a commitment to participate in the 30 Days of Biking challenge during April.  The goal?  Ride my bike every day during the month of April.  Eight days in, I skipped a day and had to start over, but I met the goal.  Some days, I rode 20 miles.  Other days, I rode around the block.  Every day, that ride was a lifesaver.  I especially realized this when I took some time off of the bike for a couple of weeks and noticed that my disposition went south in a hurry!  Needless to say, I'm back on the bike now.

This Summer
After my experience with the 30 Days of Biking, I've made it a goal to ride every day this summer that I am in town.  I used my bike to get to work once this past school year.  Most days, there's no reason why I shouldn't be able to ride to and from work, so I'm going to get myself conditioned to handle daily long distance (i.e. 20 + miles) in the heat.  It will also give me a chance to break in the sweet Brooks B-17 saddle that I received the Christmas before last.

Plus, it can't hurt my weight loss efforts, either!

I've also decided to write more . . . especially here.  I have no idea what riding the same couple of paths day in and day out will inspire, but I guess I'll find out.